Investing into Complete Home Health

Your Heating and Air conditioning systems are large investments. Protect these investments by making sure it stays in perfect operating condition. As a Litzenberger Plumbing & Heating Confidence Customer, you will receive priority service and the added assurance that we will maintain your equipment so it operates at peak efficiency and lasts longer. Litzenberger Plumbing & Heating Confidence Plans, will reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems, before they occur. It's an inexpensive prevention plan... to potentially expensive problems.


LITZENBERGER Level 1 Filter Confidence Plan - $280/year or $24/month on 12 month Contract.

  • In-Home monthly filter replacement. *This way you don't have to keep extra filters lying around. We will keep stock for you, and contact you when it's time to book your filter replacement.
  • With the Level 1 Confidence Plan, our trained family member, will change the filter for you and observe and report any potential problems with your furnace to our Lead technician and Company Owner, Ben Litzenberger.
  • This Plan service is available days, evenings, and weekends, to fit your busy lifestyle, at no extra charge.

LITZENBERGER Level 2 Furnace Confidence Plan - $400/year or $35/month on 12 month Contract.

  • Includes the LITZENBERGER Level 1 Filter Confidence Plan, plus;
  • Clean, service, and test all furnace components, and controls.
  • Check all gas fittings on the furnace and in the mechanical room for leaks.

LITZENBERGER Level 3 Filter, Furnace, & Water Heater, Confidence Plan - $580/ year or $50/month on 12 month Contract.

  • Includes LITZENBERGER Level 2 Confidence Plan, plus;
  • Water heater service and test all components. Includes anode rod, cold water inlet tube and thermocouple as required.

LITZENBERGER Level 4 Filter, Furnace, Air Conditioner, & Water heater, Confidence Plan - $760/year or $65/month on 12 month Contract.

  • Includes LITZENBERGER Level 3 Confidence Plan, plus;
  • Service and clean Air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils and drains.
  • Test A/C system and cooling capacity.

LITZENBERGER Boiler Confidence Plan - $150 / year or $13/month on 12 month contract

  • Check operations of thermostat.
  • Inspect and Test all boiler components and safeties.
  • Clean and service all combustion components.
  • Check all gas fittings on the boiler and in the mechanical room for leaks.
  • Lubricate pump and motors,as required.

LITZENBERGER Filter Pride Plan - $111/ year or $10/month on yearly Contract.

  • This Plan, is for those who prefer to change the furnace filter themselves.
  • We supply you with a one year supply (12) filters, delivered to your door.
  • No in home services.
  • *Add Monthly email reminders to replace your filter for only $50/year or $5/month

Why stop there? We have Extra Add-On services available too!


  • Second furnace - Add $18/month to Plan Level 2, 3, or 4, *Includes one extra filter per month
  • Second Air Conditioner - Add $7/month to Plan Level 2, 3, or 4, that already have the Second furnace add on as well.
  • Fireplace service and cleaning, including glass cleaning - One time fee of $140, or an extra $12/month, on Plan Level 2, 3, or 4. or to the Boiler Confidence Plan.
  • HRV (that box hanging in your furnace room that you ignore) Service and cleaning - Add $7/month to Plan Level 2, 3, or 4, or to the Boiler Confidence Plan.
  • Garage unit heater service - Add a one time fee of $90 or Add $8/month to Plan Level 2, 3, or 4, or to the Boiler Confidence Plan.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration system Maintenance. *prices vary pending on the make and model. Plans starting at $15/month

The Benefits

  • Save money, by combining our services into one visit.
  • Save money on utility bills - Improperly maintained heating and air conditioning components can increase your energy consumption by 35-75%
  • Peace of mind - Automatic, monthly visual inspections, while replacing your filter keeps you furnace and/or air conditioner running at trouble-free efficiency. We spot potential problems before they cause trouble!
  • Lengthen the life of your equipment - Just like your own heart, when you take care of your heating and cooling equipment, it lasts longer and performs better
  • Competent expert at your service - You are getting The owner, Ben Litzenberger, or one of his family members, to look after your equipment for you. Our family will do the worrying, so you don't have to.
  • Preferred treatment - Regular maintenance increases system reliability. If by chance you do need emergency service, LITZENBERGER Confidence Plan members are entitled to priority service booking, and never any Overtime Charges to repair any equipment covered by one of our Confidence Plans *Not applicable to Pride Plan only, members.
  • Price protection - Your agreement price will not be raised during the effective dates. Guaranteed!
  • Service you can trust - Ben knows his business and your equipment. Rely on him, his family and his reputation to give you fast, dependable and skilled service
  • We will call, or email you, to schedule all appointments - As part of all Plans, Confidence and Pride, We keep track, so you don't have to!

Custom Confidence Plans

  • We can build a custom Plan to suit your needs, if your the service you require is not listed.

Confidence for out of Town Clients

  • All Plans are available to clients within Regina and surrounding area.
  • Out of City of Regina limits, is charged at $1.50/km one way, plus $3.75/minute one way. *according to Google maps distance measurements.

"Shower with Confidence, Flush with Pride!"